Understanding that massage is a whole body experience is essential. As a whole, you and your whole body are addressed. All of the body’s “untouchable” and “forbidden” areas are subjected to the same treatment as the rest of the body.

What sets true massage apart from other forms of bodywork and treatment is that it is really holistic, all-encompassing, and all-encompassing.

In order to get the most out of a massage, you must first get the recipient into a state of profound relaxation and tranquillity.

A good rapport may be created between the provider and the receiver in this state of mind. When this happens, the body is able to engage its own healing processes since it is in a state of parasympathetic nervous system activation.

Hands-on techniques like oiling and massaging the body’s tissues from head to toe may be used at the earliest stages of Massage. Energy is released by pressing certain trigger points, and that energy is directed in a precise manner. They are awakened and invigorated by the seven chakras.